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Case Studies Change Management example: “Improving Customer Orientation”

Initial Situation:

The client of a medium sized insurance company is no longer satisfied with the service.
The number of customer complaints is increasing as the processing of transactions take too long.
Due to the company’s successful history, authorities like structures have manifested themselves in the organization.
The employees and managers feel “tired” and “in the saddle”. The results were confirmed by a
Customer survey determined. Therefore, the Board has appointed the head of the sales order, customer orientation within the next two years to improve 20% points. The area director of sales has very different interests and appreciate the situation differently.

Task for the Consultant:

  • Analysis of the initial situation with the involved employees and executives
  • Definition of a common objective for the Head of Sales
  • Definition of areas and activities to improve customer orientation

Intervention priorities:

The change is initiated by the management, the area director of sales
have no consensus on the objectives of the project. Thus, at the beginning of the

In order to create a safe Fund Office, the Director must commit to specific change
goals, then gradually incorporate the middle management and the employees.

We have initiated the following measures:

  • Implementation of a strategy workshop for the Head of Sales (focus interviews in advance)
  • Creating a coordinated information and communication concept
  • Implementation of management workshops: Clarification of requirements & needs, roles and processes
  • Create a project plan for targeted monitoring of the change project
  • Allows employee involvement as part of Project team
  • Review of remuneration systems (bonus / premium)
  • Integration of the new objective in the Performance Management Process
  • Setting up regular feedback and review processes