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Introduction of a Key Account Commission System Consumer Electronics Market

Key Points

  • Uncoordinated sales to Key Accounts
  • Different products were sold to the same customer through different Sales Representatives
  • Market share decreased within the last years drastically
  • Many small shops were served
  • Personal relationship was the main key for selling


  • Selling of all products through one stop
  • Increasing of market share
  • Gross Margin orientation
  • Budgeting of WKZ (Werbekostenzuschuss)
  • Reduction of returns
  • Monitoring of the competitors and regularly reporting for the HQ


  • Search and employment of two experienced Key Account Managers in the first step
  • Development of a commission and appraisal system
  • Salary 80/20 – fix/variabel
  • Payment of the variabel amount twice a year based on
    reaching of listings
  • qualitative targets
  • end of the year turn over and margin
  • returns