Beratung für HR & Change Management


The starting point of compleo AG goes back to the year 1998. Since then we have been consulting hundreds of companies. The main focus was always Human Resources Management.

Besides mid size companies we consult very extensive subsidiaries of national and international group companies.

We consult many of our clients for a longer period and some of them for over 10 years. We win often clients through recommendations of running business relations.

Our client’s comments/references:

Telecommunication provider

“Thank you very much for your prompt reply as usual…”

Automotive industry supplier

“We have hired a relatively inexperienced Head of Human Resources. With your HR hotline we can cover areas that go far beyond our internal know-how…”

Pharmaceutical company

“With your HR hotline we can gather competent information about Human Resources issues at any time…”

Mechanical engineering company

“Internally we cannot provide the amount of expertise that we can obtain from your hotline…”

Trading company

“Every day there are spontaneous decisions to be taken. Your HR hotline enables us to handle personnel issues in a fast and professional manner…”

 Aircraft manufacturer

“Your competent information on job descriptions saved us a lot of trouble…”

Electronics manufacturer

“Again and again the compleo team surprises us with fast response times and excellent support…”

Company in the metal processing industry

“Your recommendations on the internal communication flow regarding our latest compulsory redundancies were very useful. We finally avoided many mistakes and thus saved a lot of time and money…”

Electroplating company

“In particular your intercultural aspects of internal communication were of great help to us…”

 Polymer processing company

“Whether in “soft” or in “hard” issues – You have always provided us with very practical solutions. Thank you very much for that!”

We are not allowed to mention client names. Please contact us if you wish more information.